Price vs Piece of Mind

In today’s competitive environment, it is too easy to get lured into a buying decision with an offer of lowest price. This often results in a “buyer beware situation” where you ask yourself; am I really going to get what they are selling me for that low price? More often than not when something sounds too good to be true, that is usually the case. There is a reason that sound advice is to complete your diligence on the company, check references and find out if the vendor truly delivers on what they promise.

It’s easy to promise, close deals and then not deliver what was promised. Companies that consistently deliver what they promise do so because they have established a sound business model that includes delivering what they promised. This occurs because they operate with profit and customer service in mind. Without the ability to earn a fair profit, they can’t consistently deliver what they promised. Companies who take care of their customers after the sale get repeat business and referrals. That is the company you want to buy from.

Don’t be lured by the offer of lowest price. Piece of mind in getting what you were expecting always wins in the end.

– Anonymous