Harmon Solar Installs Photovoltaic Solar Panels on a Glendale, Arizona Residential Home

Solar energy is becoming a very popular choice of alternative energy for many residential homeowners. Solar energy is produced by installing solar panels on the top of your roof, where they can gather the sun’s rays the best. Once the sun’s energy is captured, the solar energy system is able to convert that energy into usable electrical power for your home. Since solar energy is considered safe for the environment, the government has put into place different tax credits and incentives for those homeowners who choose this option.

Residents from Glendale, Arizona contacted our Harmon Solar office to receive a free quote to have a PV solar panel system installed on their S-tile roof. They were hoping that the new solar panels would help them see energy savings on their utility bills. Our technician went to their residence and suggested having a 600 square feet solar panel system installed on their roof. The estimated solar panel cost was for $33,000 to complete the entire project. The homeowners agreed to have the panels installed and chose to use our pre-paid lease program for payment. They were very pleased with the completed project and the solar panels can generate 1300 kilowatts/hour/year for an estimated savings of $1,625 annually. Although the cost of the project was $33,000, they were able to reduce that amount to only $12,717 after receiving tax credits and rebates.

Anyone can start seeing savings like this on their electric bills by installing a PV solar panel system on their roof. Solar panels can be put on almost any type of roof and requires as little as 300 to 600 square feet to install. Call our Harmon Solar office to schedule an appointment for a free quote and our staff can answer any questions or concerns. A quick phone call to the local utility company will help explain the different tax credits and incentives that are available in the Glendale, Arizona area. Do not wait another day to save on energy bills and call today.