Residential Home Owner Installs Advanced Solar Panels in Goodyear, Arizona

Photovoltaic Solar panels are advanced power generation technology. How do solar panels work? Solar energy saves money by replacing energy from the public power grid with clean energy generated on site at your home. Solar energy is healthy for the environment because solar power is clean energy that is generated by the sun. Solar panels are grids of small photovoltaic cells that turn the sun’s light directly into electrical power. The grid of solar receptors inside solar panels combine to increase power, and solar panels can be combined with other energy sources to produce a strong flow of electricity to power large structures.

A recent customer was impressed with the energy savings and affordability of solar panels when this residential homeowner decided to lease solar panels for their Goodyear, Arizona house. As Arizona’s leading solar installer, Harmon Solar was hired for the project. We provide free quotes and use advanced photovoltaic solar panel technology for all our residential solar panel installation projects. This Goodyear homeowner was also pleased to find that our solar panel installation required only 575 square feet of space on their cement tile roof and produces 11,200 kilowatt-hours of clean solar energy every year. The benefits are numerous, including a cost savings – using solar power saved this owner about $1,400 per year. The savings will rapidly pay back the cost of leasing, and the positive impact on our environment starts immediately.

Harmon Solar is Arizona’s leading solar energy installer because of the quality of our products and efforts to give the outstanding customer service. Harmon solar offers free quotes and will answer all questions about the safety, efficiency, and economy of using solar energy. Harmon Solar also offers excellent maintenance services that will keep the installation operating at peak performance, and will ensure that it lasts as long as the 25 to 35 years expected by the manufacturer. Those who purchase their solar panels should contact the federal and state government to inquire about tax incentives, rebates, and carbon credits related to clean solar power. Start saving money and the environment, call Harmon Solar today to inquire about installing solar panels on your roof.