Green Solar Power Gives a Stock Car Racer’s Dreams a Boost In Phoenix, Arizona Home

The most efficient kinds of materials for turning light into electricity are called photovoltaic materials. These are used in advance solar power systems to make photovoltaic solar panel modules. These are the high-quality solar panel technology that Harmon Solar installs on residential and commercial structures.

In Phoenix, Arizona, our professionals at Harmon Solar received a call for our free cost estimate of a solar power system installation. When we arrived at the single-family residential home, the first thing we saw was a beautiful yellow and silver stock car glistening in the sun, on a trailer in the driveway. The owner was intent on breaking into the stock car racing sport, and wanted to investigate every means of saving money that he could better use for entrance fees, crew payroll, and car maintenance.

The Phoenix, Arizona, homeowner had a specific number in mind for the savings he wanted to achieve. We determined that this was within reasonable range for a solar power installation to return. Our professionals examined the property to determine that it would require 675 square feet of solar panels to provide the return that the homeowner hoped to achieve. Our efficient photovoltaic solar power cells would generate about one kW of energy savings per hundred square feet of solar panel array. This would translate into almost 15,000 kWh of solar power and over $2,000 of energy savings per year.

The homeowner was happy with the results, and promised to give Harmon Solar the first winning flag they got. We are proud to help our customers realize their dreams. Call Harmon Solar to learn how solar energy can help you save money on energy bills and give you the extra money you need to follow your special dreams. Even if your dreams are simply more money in your pockets, Harmon solar can help.