Solar Energy Savings from our Solar Panel Installation

I’m excited to see my electric bill! In years past, I have dreaded that monthly bill, but now I can hardly wait until it comes. Our photovoltaic system, installed by Harmon Solar of course, went online at the beginning of September and I’m counting the days to see my solar energy savings. Although when the bill comes, I shouldn’t be surprised. Each day I check the meters to see if I’m getting the most out of the panels on our roof. So far, we have exceeded the expected energy produced and as long as we maintain our panels, keep them free of dust and debris, I fully expect to have a nice energy credit by the end of the year.

Getting solar panels has also opened my eyes to other ways I can conserve energy. When looking at my family’s energy usage, you could say we were considered “energy hogs.” Now, my goal is to become energy independent. That means I need to pay close attention to other ways I can conserve. Stay tuned for more’¦ I’ll let you know my first month’s savings.

Julie King