Solar Panels Save Avondale, Arizona Homeowners Significant Money

Avondale homeowners can drop their energy costs into a lower rate tier and save money with a solar system. Solar Panels can be installed on just about any type of roof. The panels capture the sun’s UV rays, even on overcast days, and creates environmentally friendly electricity. This energy can be used to power a person’s entire home for a lower cost than traditional energy sources.  The Solar Panel cost will vary depending on the type of roof and can be leased or purchased. With a Solar Panel, the sun rays are converted into direct current (DC) and sent through an inverter which changes them into alternating current (AC) which is the power most people are familiar with using. The solar system installed can be customized to fit any Avondale residential homeowner’s energy usage level and have lifespan of 25-35 years. Solar systems also need very little ongoing maintenance. Arizona homeowner’s will see long-term energy savings in the electricity part of their bills if they are paying more than $100 a month in this area.

An Avondale, AZ owner decided to upgrade their system with a Solar Panel system. They have an S-tile roof and were interested in purchasing their solar system. The estimated cost of the project was $39,500, but calculating the price paid minus incentives and tax credits brought the net cost to the consumer down to $13,927. The area square footage needed for this project was 700 sq ft, with the average residential owner needing between 300 and 600 sq ft for their project. For every kilowatt (kw) installed, a solar system uses about 100 square feet (sq ft). The amount of energy generated from this project has been 14,920 kw/hr/yr with an estimated annual energy savings of $1,865.

Harmon Solar specializes in Solar Panel installations for consumers who are looking to heat their houses with a clean energy source and to save on electrical costs. Systems can be purchased for home or business usage or leased with a zero down lease. Our Harmon Solar consultants will are happy to walk you through all available options, give us a call today.