What Do You Have in Common With a Tucson, Arizona Residential Homeowner That Installed Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

Imagine having more money to spend or save the way you want. Let the sun work for you: while ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage your skin or cause cancer, harvesting the power of those rays by channeling them to a solar power system brings your home direct current (DC) energy. DC current is then converted to alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter. With the converted AC electricity connected to an energy provider, your solar power home has uninterrupted power. Sound great already? Check out how much sun exposure is available in your area with a sun path chart converter.

But who does this? Glad you asked. A residential homeowner in Tucson, Arizona participated in our solar pre-paid lease program here at Harmon Solar. With an S-tile roof, the needed 650 square feet of roof space generated 13, 770 kilowatts of energy (for every kilowatt installed, 100 square feet of roof space is required). The annual savings estimated for this homeowner was $1,725 on his pre-paid lease. With a pre-paid lease of the photovoltaic solar panel system, the homeowner was able lower his cost to $11, 850. Banking a savings of $24,600, the homeowner will realize a pay off sooner and has already saved a huge amount on their upfront solar panel cost. In addition, after realizing the payoff, the homeowner will experience even greater savings on their utility bills for the remaining 20-25 years lifespan of the system.

At Harmon Solar, we are the leading solar panel installation company in Arizona. We offer quality installation and guaranteed maintenance when converting to solar energy. Act now to request a free quote from Harmon Solar in Tucson and consult your local utility company and state regulations to take advantage of rebates, tax credits and incentives that equal big savings for your project. More than just saving money on your energy bills, converting to solar energy is an ecologically sound decision. Just think: today’s homes powered by solar energy can give us more to spend on our children’s future or that memorable retirement getaway of which we may have only dreamed.