Tucson Arizona Residential Homeowner Installs Solar Panels for Energy Savings

The installation of solar panels can greatly minimize a home’s electric bill by converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Harmon Solar’s panels use photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The DC power is sent to an inverter and turned into usable alternating current (AC) power. When the AC power leaves the inverter box, it moves to the electrical panel, which is monitored by a utility meter. If your system produces more energy than you use, the utility company credits you with power you can use when there is less sunlight and AC production is lowered.

A recent client in Tucson, Arizona recently came to us for the installation of a solar panel system onto his S-tile roof. We reviewed his previous electricity usage and calculated that, at 100 square feet of roof space for every kilowatt installed, we would need 1200 square feet of roof space for a system that produced adequate electricity. We estimated that this would save $3295 per year while the total cost of the project was $62350. Since our customer was purchasing, rather than leasing, a solar panel system, the solar panel cost could be greatly reduced through incentives, rebates and tax credits offered in Tucson, Arizona. In a sunny city like Tucson, it was a wise move to install a solar panel system, saving money and reducing his carbon footprint. Rather than using electricity produced from fossil fuels, he now had clean energy made without burning or processing.

For those who choose to purchase solar panels for their home or business, Harmon Solar can educate customers on all the ways they can offset the cost of purchase and installation. The state of Arizona offers generous incentives like sales tax exemption and income tax credits on solar products. Anyone can contact Harmon Solar to find out the latest information and how to tap into these resources.