Oro Valley, Arizona, Home Will Save on Utility Bills With Green Solar Power

In solar panel cells light bounces around inside the materials and creates electrical charges. The electricity can be drawn off as DC power to store in batteries, and converted to AC power for supply to the residence or business. The extra power can be diverted out into the public power grid for savings on the electricity bill. Photovoltaic solar panels are the most advanced and efficient kinds of solar power systems.

In Oro Valley, Arizona, a residential homeowner was hurt in the recent mortgage crises. They had struggled with a loss of equity and had spent some worrisome months working to simply keep their home. Thankfully, they had gotten their investment refinanced before they suffered their greatest fears, yet their struggles continued as they worked to keep their expenses within their ability to pay.

Our skilled estimators went to the Oro Valley, Arizona, residence for a free and accurate estimate on the installation of solar power systems. The type of roof was common composite, familiar roofing to Harmon Solar. The efficient photovoltaic solar panels provide about one kW of power per hundred square feet of solar power equipment. The structure required 400 square feet of solar panel technology to provide over 8,700 kWh of power per year. This would give the homeowner a return of over $1,000 in energy savings on utility bills per year.

Our estimators explained that the homeowner could purchase or lease the solar products. If they purchased the solar energy equipment then they could qualify for special tax credits, incentives, and rebates. Yet if they leased the solar power systems their initial costs would be greatly reduced, and their energy savings would be realized immediately. The homeowner decided that leasing was the right fit for their needs.

Call Harmon Solar to learn how you can defray your energy usage with green solar energy. The solar panel cost can be arranged to fit your budget and provide you with savings that can ease your economic struggles.