Why Solar Energy Matters to Homeowners

Arizona has become one of the forerunning states in solar power usage. With the rising cost of electricity and the resulting higher energy bills, especially during the summer months when air conditioner and pool pump usage peaks, it makes sense that many Arizonans use one of nature’s commodities for their energy needs.

Most homeowners convert to solar power because it is readily available, renewable and curbs dependence on fossil fuels that pollute the environment. The cost of installing solar panels is reimbursed in the long-term through the savings on your utility bill. Once the cost has been recovered, the savings continue as long as solar energy is used, which translates to money in your pocket. In a push to help homeowners convert to solar power, federal and state governments are currently offering tax credits. The goal is to build a sustainable future, decrease pollution and reduce energy costs.

With the new major push by utilities and the government and the advances in solar technology, there has never been a better time to convert. The first step to changing to solar is to choose a reputable local company that is reliable and has your best interests in mind. The company should have the experience and expertise to know exactly what is needed for your particular style home. They should clearly explain all the options available to you. The company should also have knowledgeable personnel who can efficiently install and maintain solar energy systems in a professional manner.

Harmon Solar is a family owned business that has been helping Arizonians since 1975. They specialize in all aspects of solar panel installation and maintenance. The quality of their products and service far exceeds what most of the national solar franchises can offer. Harmon is part of the community and takes pride in providing sustainable energy solutions to their neighbors. You can expect personalized service from beginning to end of design, installation and future maintenance of your customized solar system from their friendly technicians.