Chandler, Arizona Resident Saves Money and the Environment by Installing Solar Panels on His Residential Home

Solar panels are becoming a very popular choice among homeowners who are trying to save on energy bills and be environmentally friendly. Solar panels work by collecting the sun’s UV rays during the day and converting those rays into usable electricity. Solar energy is also good for the environment because it does not add any CO2 emissions into the air, like some other energy choices. Solar panels are typically installed on the roof of the house, where it can collect the most rays from the sun. The average installation requires between 300-600 square feet of space. After easy installation of the solar panels, many homeowners use their solar energy as their main source of power and keep their current electric service as a back-up source of energy.

A Chandler, Arizona resident was searching for a way to see energy savings without spending a lot of money. He contacted our Harmon Solar office to get a free estimate on having solar panels installed on his home. Our technician went to the homeowner’s residence to provide him with a quote of $23,500 to install 400 square feet of solar panels on his composite roof. Our staff told the homeowner about our leasing program, that requires no money down. The resident choose the leasing program, because it worked best for his budget. After receiving different incentives and tax credits, the homeowner’s monthly solar panel cost is only $65. The solar panels are able to produce 8,500 kilowatts/hour/year for an annual energy savings of $900.

Harmon Solar can help you save money on your electric bills too, by installing a solar panel system on your roof. Many Chandler, Arizona residents are already seeing their utility bills being reduced just by using solar energy. There are currently many different rebates, incentives and tax credits that will help to reduce the costs of installing solar panels. You should check with your local utility company to see what savings programs are available in your area. Call today for a free estimate to have a solar panel system installed on your roof and start seeing savings tomorrow.