Looking to Go Solar? Avoid These Installation Mistakes

Many people are now switching to solar energy as the primary power source in their homes and commercial buildings. This is because solar energy is generated from the sun, making it affordable, reliable, and environmentally safe. If you are thinking of ways to cut utility bills, you should install solar energy as soon as possible.

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, you need to properly install the solar system. This entails assessing the type of building you stay in, the different types of solar systems available, your energy needs, and the installation cost. Additionally, you should avoid the following mistakes during installation.

Deciding to Do It Yourself

People prefer to conduct installation services independently to save on the costs of hiring a professional. You should not make this mistake during solar installation. This is because solar installation requires the services of an experienced solar dealer who will check your property and choose the best installation system.

Unless you are a solar expert, you will not know the size of solar panels that fit your needs, how to wire the system, and the perfect location for your solar panels. Setting up the system on your own may result in failure or ineffectiveness.

Choosing the Cheapest Equipment

The main reason why many people are migrating to solar is to save on high energy costs that come with traditional power sources such as fossil fuels. However, when it comes to solar system installation, quality and durability should be the top consideration over the cost of the equipment.

Choosing high-quality equipment ensures that your solar system runs for many years without the need to replace it. On the other hand, if you go for the cheapest and weakest equipment, you will have to replace it sooner than you think, which makes the process costly in the wrong run. Use the services of an experienced solar expert to help you choose the right equipment.

Ignoring Federal Tax Credit and Other Incentives

Another common mistake people make is that they fail to take advantage of the federal tax credit. This tax initiative allows you to deduct up to 26% of solar system installation costs from your income tax. This solar tax credit covers the cost of labor, solar PV panels or PV cells, balance-of-system equipment, and sales tax on eligible expenses. Some states offer an additional incentive for solar installations depending on the size of the solar system.

Lack of awareness of the federal tax credit and other local incentives will make installation cost more than it should. With the help of a professional solar installation company, you should check whether you qualify for tax credits and other local incentives.

Failing to Plan for the Future

During solar installation, people think of the present energy needs and fail to realize that they might have higher energy demands in the future. For instance, you could build more structures on your property or buy more electric appliances that increase energy consumption. This might lead to shortages if you had not made plans to accommodate these changes during the initial installation of the solar system.

When installing a solar system, you should always consider the possibility of expansion. You can do this by leaving space for additional panels, using expandable batteries for your off-grid system, and placing the system in a place that allows future construction and adjustments to the building.

With people moving away from natural gas and traditional fossil fuels, solar energy is the future of power supplies. Therefore, installing a solar system is making a future investment that will serve you and the next generation. You should use the services of a professional solar panels company to get this right. Contact us at Harmon Solar today for your solar installation to avoid making costly mistakes!