Home Owner in Casa Grande, Arizona, Goes Green for Energy Savings

Inside a solar panel are layers of opposing materials that create positive and negative charges when exposed to light. The best are called photovoltaic solar panels. The power can then be used or sent out into the public power grid for credit against the time when it is necessary to draw some back out. The net difference is what appears on the electric bill each month.

In Casa Grande, Arizona, a residential homeowner called Harmon Solar for a free estimate to help install leased solar panels. Harmon Solar came to the residence and reviewed the roof and the power needs of the residents. Then they explained the design that would best serve the residence, the positive environmental impact of green solar power, and the energy savings that the residence would generate. The homeowner was very pleased to see that solar power has so many benefits, and wanted to get started right away.

The roof type was S-tile, a type very familiar to Harmon Solar, and that would take well to a solar panel installation. The Casa Grande, Arizona, residence required 400 square feet of solar panels, which could make as much as 8500 Kw-Hrs of power each year to produce nearly $1,100 of savings. The solar panel cost would be repaid quickly and then the homeowner would reap the full rewards of clean, green solar energy. The owner was ecstatic to make such good returns and help the environment.

Contact Harmon Solar now to find out how much your home or business can save by installing solar panels. Their skilled and professional work will ensure that you get the very most out of your new solar energy installation. You too can reap the rewards of saving the environment and loads of money to boot. Make the call now that will continue to bring you happiness and money month after month, for years and decades to come.