Solar Panels Are the Investment of Choice for a Gilbert, Arizona, Home Owner

Photovoltaic materials produce the greatest amount of energy generation for a given area exposed to sunlight. A solar panel cell has two layers of photovoltaic materials that each produces a positive or negative charge. Solar panels are made of many cells that combine to make a large charge. The energy powers the home and the extra flows out into the public power grid for credit against the time when the residents need to draw power back out of the grid.

In Gilbert, Arizona, a residential homeowner contacted Harmon Solar for a free estimate quote to assist installation of leased solar panel equipment. The homeowner was seeking relief from the high electricity bills for the residence, and anticipated that the solar panel cost would be dwarfed by the return in energy savings for the Gilbert, Arizona, residence.

Harmon Solar satisfied those expectations by showing the homeowner how quickly the solar panel cost could be repaid with the energy savings. They explained how solar energy works, their designs for the installation, the positive impact of solar energy on the environment, and their support options to help maintain the equipment. The homeowner was impressed with the details and the professional attitude of the Harmon Solar representatives.

The roof type on the Gilbert, Arizona, residence was S-tile, a common type of roof with which Harmon Solar has a great deal of experience. The residence needed 400 square feet of solar panels to provide up to 8,500 Kw-Hrs of savings per year, worth $900 in that time. The homeowner was very pleased with the presentation and information provided.

Contact Harmon Solar right now to see how you can profit and help the environment by installing solar panels on your residential or commercial structures. Harmon Solar’s knowledge, experience, skill, and professionalism will give you confident peace of mind knowing that you have selected the right people to assist in your installation.