Prescott Valley Arizona Residential Homeowner Installs Solar Panels for Energy Savings

Harnessing the sun’s energy to produce usable electricity is not a concept for the future. With the installation of solar panels onto nearly any roof type, you can start saving money on your electric bill if you are currently paying $100 or more monthly. Solar panels capture the sun’s UV rays and convert them into direct current (DC) electricity. After going through an inverter, the DC is converted to alternating current (AC) electricity, which powers homes and businesses.

Recently, a Prescott Valley, Arizona homeowner contacted us and chose to purchase a solar panel system for his home. After determining his electricity usage, we installed a system that used about 800 square feet of his S-tile roof. With approximately one kilowatt of energy for every 100 square feet of solar panel installed, this project generated about 17,578 kilowatts/hr/yr. Harmon Solar estimated this will save our Prescott Valley homeowner approximately $2179 per year on his electricity bill. Since this customer chose to purchase a system, rather than lease, he was able to apply tax credits and incentives. What would have been a solar panel cost of $43945 ended up at $19422 – less than half of the estimated amount!

To find out how to save money while making your home more energy efficient, check with your utility company on incentives, rebates and tax credits you can use when purchasing a solar panel system. Then call Harmon Solar to get a free estimate on the cost of work and materials. Our customer in sunny Arizona is enjoying energy and cost savings with his new system, and you could be too.