Yuma Solar Story: Save Money & Go Green

The best solar panel is photovoltaic. These are the most advanced and efficient equipment to provide excellent power generation for the solar panel cost, and durability for long life. Inside are a great many individual cells that combine to output a great deal of electric power. Each cell is made of two opposite materials that each creates either a positive or a negative charge. These different charges generate the power output. The spare unused power flows into the public power grid for credit against times when power must be drawn back out. The net result is a huge savings and money in the homeowner’s pocket.

solar power roof

In Yuma, Arizona a residential homeowner called Harmon Solar for a free estimate quote on the installation of leased solar panels and the associated solar panel cost. Harmon Solar explained that the energy savings would pay for the installation in a short time and provide the Yuma, Arizona homeowner savings for years afterwards.

The type of roof was S-tile, with which like all other roofing types Harmon Solar has a great deal of experience. They estimated that the home required 600 square feet of solar paneling. This will generate about 13,000 kw-Hrs of energy savings every year, to save the homeowner as much as $1,700 annually.

The owner was even more pleased to hear that Harmon Solar was available after the installation to ensure a long a care-free operating life of the equipment.  The expected life span of photovoltaic solar panel equipment is between 35 and 50 years. The homeowner was very glad to know that we would be there to follow up and see the installation through many highly functioning and profitable years.

Call Harmon Solar right now for information on clean, green, money-saving solar power equipment installations on your residential and commercial structures. When the sun’s power flows through your residence and business, it will feel good to know that you are helping the environment, the economy, and your own wallet all at the same time.