Peoria, Arizona, Homeowner Installs Solar Power Systems to Save on Energy Bills

Solar panel technology is renewable, environmentally-friendly power for a home or commercial structure. Energy savings are produced without burning carbon and adding greenhouse gases to the air. Photovoltaic solar panels are highly efficient technology that converts light into electricity at a higher rate than older solar panels. The power produced is used by the residence and the remainder is put back into the public power grid, making the meter roll backwards.

A Peoria, Arizona, homeowner called Harmon Solar for a free estimate quote for installation of solar power systems. The owners were interested in saving on utility bills by installing solar panel equipment on their roof. Harmon Solar came out to evaluate their structure to ensure an accurate free quote and to discuss how a residential structure could bring real green returns from becoming a solar power home. Energy efficient homes are just a start on energy savings in the residence.

The photovoltaic solar products that Harmon Solar uses generate about 1 Kilowatt per 100 square feet of solar panel. The roof was s-tile, a common material that could support 1300 square feet of solar equipment. This would produce almost 29,000 kWh of electricity per year, which means over $3,500 of savings annually.

Harmon Solar also explained the difference between purchasing and leasing the solar power systems. Purchasing the solar equipment meant that the installation would qualify for special rebates, tax credits, and incentives. Yet with leasing the initial solar panel cost was reduced to zero. After some time considering purchasing, the homeowner made the popular choice to lease.

Harmon Solar also informed the owner of the maintenance services that would manage and maintain the solar equipment for optimal performance and long life.   The solar power equipment on this Peoria, Arizona, residence should last from 25 to 35 years. The homeowner was very glad to see that the installation was unseen and out of mind, yet monitored by professionals who would keep it off their mind and as worry free as they could wish.