Phoenix, Arizona, Residential Home Gets Energy Savings Upgrade For the New Century

Some say this is the century of green energy, yet the green is not all in the energy, but in the hand as well. Solar panels turn light into electricity, and that can make your meter spin backwards and put green money back into your hands. The cost of installation of a solar panel can be quickly recovered and the savings will continue to pay dividends to the homeowner.

A Phoenix, Arizona, residence got an upgrade for the new century when the owner called Harmon Solar to ask about the benefits of a solar panel installation. Harmon Solar sent their professional reps out to evaluate the structure and provide an accurate and free estimate. They discussed the benefits to the environment of using less fossil fuels and the return in savings that the owner could expect.

They also compared the benefits of purchasing the solar installation or leasing the equipment. If the solar panel installation is purchased, there are special rebates, tax credits, and incentives that can help defray the costs and bring it into profit more quickly. Yet a lease is a much lower up-front cost solution and the returns are seen sooner. In addition, Harmon Solar discussed the maintenance program in which the equipment is maintained for optimal efficiency and long life. With care, solar panel installations should last 35 to 50 years.

It was decided that the Phoenix, Arizona, residence would get a leased installation of cutting-edge photovoltaic solar products. The roof was S-tile, common roofing in the area. It would easily hold the required 1250 square feet of solar power systems. This would provide the residential home over 26,000 Kw-Hrs of energy savings, adding up to over $3,000 per year.

After the installation, the homeowner could not even see the equipment on the roof, yet the savings were clearly apparent. The owners claimed they could not wait to see their next electricity bill, an idea that that seemed to surprise, and please, even them.