Phoenix, Arizona, Homeowner Contacts Harmon Solar Professionals to Help Install Solar Power Systems

Solar power homes are more than energy efficient homes. They generate power back into the public grid that does not create greenhouse gases and contributes to a greener world. When light strikes photovoltaic solar cells, it is converted to DC power. That is converted to alternating current that powers homes and businesses. The outgoing flow of energy can even make a meter spin backwards, which is a happy sight to most homeowners.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a homeowner who wanted to save on utility bills contacted the professionals at Harmon Solar. Estimators arrived at the residential home to look over the site and determine the most accurate free estimate quote. Harmon Solar explained how they could create great energy savings from a roof installation of solar panel equipment. The solar products Harmon Solar uses produces about 1 KW of energy per hundred square feet.

They also explained that the solar panel cost would be recouped quickly and the solar products would continue to return savings for decades afterwards. The roof was s-tile which was very familiar to Harmon Solar. The residential structure would require 400 square feet of solar power systems to produce over 8,500 Kw-Hrs of electricity and almost $900 of savings per year.

The home owners have the option to have the solar installation leased or purchased. Purchasing solar panels qualified the homeowner for great rebates, tax credits, and incentives. Yet the up-front solar panel cost was reduced to zero if the solar products were leased. The owners decided to lease.