Queen Creek, Arizona Homeowner Installs Efficient Photovoltaic Solar Panels to Defray Power Costs

Solar energy is the most abundant and renewable power source available. It even generates power on cloudy days. Two different light-sensitive materials are used that produce both positive and negative electrical charges when exposed to light. These act as the positive and negative poles of the generator. The best materials to use are called photovoltaic materials, which are exceptionally good at producing electrical charges, and will make very effective solar cells. More efficient equipment means that fewer are necessary, and the solar panel cost is lower. A photovoltaic solar panel is made of a grid of many small photo cells that combine together to produce a large electrical force.

A residential homeowner in Queen Creek, Arizona contacted Harmon Solar to help install a photovoltaic solar panel array to defray the costs of power and save money. The solar panel cost would be repaid in a short time as the energy savings compound daily. The type of roof was an S-tile roof, just one of the many types of roofing used in Arizona and with which Harmon Solar is greatly experienced. Based on generating almost 8500 Kw hours per year of power, and energy savings of almost $900 in that time, Harmon Solar concluded that home required 400 square feet of solar panels. The homeowner leased the solar equipment to gain additional savings.

Harmon Solar is the solution for all solar power needs in Queen Creek and all over Arizona. They offer free estimate quotes for your installation, and will customize their design for the particular roofing and power needs of your home.  For the best solar products and most professional and skilled installations, call Harmon Solar now and get started harvesting the sun to save you money.