7 Benefits of Going Solar

Converting your home to solar power is a big decision for most homeowners. To make the switch, choose an experienced provider for your solar installation. Harmon Solar is a locally owned and operated solar installer that’s done business in the Phoenix area since 1975. Here are some reasons Harmon Solar customers are glad they’ve made the move to solar power.

Save Money

With a solar energy system you can save on your electric bill every month. By generating your own power, you need to buy less energy from the utility company. When your solar system generates more power than your house needs, it’s credited to your electric bill. Depending on your usage and the amount of power your system generates, you could get a check from the electric company.

Guaranteed Pay Back

With a solar lease from Harmon Solar there’s no big up-front costs. Instead you pay a fixed price for electricity each month, less than you pay the electric company. You start saving money from the first day the panels are on your roof.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are solid state with no moving parts. That means low maintenance for years to come.

Don’t Pollute

Using the power of the sun cuts your use of fossil fuels. You’ll reduce the production of greenhouse gases that harm our environment. You’ll make the air better for your family and the rest of us.

Boost Your Home Value

Homes with solar panels sell about 20 percent faster and for a higher value than homes without solar.

Get Paid to Go Green

If you buy your solar system, you can take advantage of tax credits and incentives. The Federal government offers tax credits, and some states and utilities also pay you to adopt solar power.

Take control of your energy costs

Electricity rates are going to go higher. Unless you’re on solar power, that is. With a solar lease your electric prices are fixed for the term of the lease.

The benefits of solar power pay off for years to come. That’s why more and more Arizona homeowners are signing up with Harmon Solar. It’s important to partner with an experienced installation expert that will design a custom system for your home.