7 Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy is one of the only unlimited renewable energy sources on our planet that does not produce emissions. Harmon Solar is a locally owned and operated solar installer in Arizona. We have done business in the Phoenix area since 1975. Since the time we started, a lot has changed in this industry. With so many people concerned about climate change and “going green” solar is now considered one of the best options available. Despite only the environmental benefits, there are actually a few more benefits that may not be as obvious to the everyday consumer.

7 Benefits of Going Solar in Arizona

1. Zero Maintenance and Energy Production Costs

Because solar energy does not need an outside supply of energy, it allows the energy production costs, as well as maintenance, to be almost zero. Although you may be thinking “but what about the installation costs?” This is true, that there is an installation cost, but this is essentially one of only two costs that occur with solar energy (manufacturing the equipment or installation costs) and there are always ways to help reduce the cost of installation.

This means that all you need to do is purchase/lease the equipment, and pay for the installation when you’ve chosen a solar installer. In no time you will be generating your own energy!

2. No Noise Pollution

Because the production of solar energy does not generate noise pollution, such as other forms of eco-friendly electricity, it can be installed in urban areas. This provides more places for these to be installed, as they create no distractions or ugly noises to decrease property values.

3. Simple Installation

The installation of solar panels is incredibly simple. Not only can they essentially be installed anywhere, but they can also take advantage of horizontal and vertical spaces. This makes solar an extremely flexible source of energy, along with the ability to be expanded at any time. Solar panels can also provide energy to remote locations where electrical lines can be extremely expensive or difficult as well. Rather than construct power lines, or deal with a poor connection, you can install solar panels and generate your own electricity.

4. Good For The Environment

The most obvious and well-known trend to go solar is that you will not be generating waste. This is also true because there is no maintenance required, and its lifetime is much longer than other energy-production systems. In turn, you will not need to throw away current equipment and create more pollution in the environment. Solar panels are also extremely durable and are able to handle all weather conditions.

5. Higher Security

This is an important benefit to solar because often there are blackouts and voltage dips that occur with typical energy sources. By introducing solar power from different energy-production centers, it provides more security for the power grid. This means that overloads and fires will not affect performance or energy. Less downtime equals more productivity and less headache!

6. Monetary Savings

How much money can you save by going solar? By producing your own clean energy you reduce your costs dramatically. This is because this energy does not change based on the market. Instead, you generate what you need, and sell the rest to energy companies. Although it may seem like a large initial investment, this has been proven to pay itself off in a short period of time. You will also have an unlimited and continuous source of energy without any hidden fees, additional maintenance, or costs to use what you have generated. The savings associated with solar is one of the many advantages of going solar.

7. Positive Economic Impact

You will not be aware that the main cost of solar panels is due to the installation. This not only promotes job creation in the area but does so in an eco-friendly industry as well. With these systems put into place, there will be more job creation, and there will be an all-around positive impact on the economy in your area.

Make a Difference Today

Solar panels are an incredible emerging industry. Although they are not a new technology, they are not as well known or used as one might think. Forget paying the electric company to generate electricity for your home or business. Generate your own electricity and step into the clean, green, future. We are here to help you find what matches your needs! Contact us today by giving us a call at (800) 281-3189. We can answer your questions, provide you with more information, or provide you a free quote!