How is Solar Power Delivered?

Solar power uses the free energy from the sun to generate electricity. Of course there’s more science behind it but it’s all transparent to you.

Solar panels are made of silicon chips that convert light energy into electrical energy. The solar chips are part of a module made of steel and glass. That module is mounted on the roof of your home.

A licensed electrician wires the solar panels into your home’s electric panel. The solar panels generate direct current, or DC, electricity like a battery or a car. An inverter converts the DC into alternating current, or AC, that’s used in your house. The electrician takes care of all the wiring, ensuring it’s safe and reliable.

With solar panels your home generates clean energy from the sun, reducing the need for fossil fuel power from coal and natural gas.

That’s the technical part.

The best part comes when you use a reliable solar power company like Harmon Solar. Harmon Solar offers solar leasing programs that don’t cost a lot of money upfront and they take care of everything.

They install the panels and work with the utility company and ciy to get everything hooked up according to building codes.

Then you start saving. With a Harmon Solar plan, your solar payment and any remaining electric bill will be less than your old utility bill.

Inside the home, you won’t notice any difference. The lights still come on at the flick of switch. The TV responds to the remote. You can monitor your solar power performance via an app for computers or smartphones.

If you’re thinking about solar power, look for a reliable provider like Harmon Solar. The locally owned company has done business in the Phoenix area for more than 30 years, so they’re here to stay.