You Decided To Go Solar. Now What?

There are many reasons to switch from traditional energy to solar power in your home. Whether that is due to environmental concerns, in hopes of lowering overall energy costs, or becoming less dependent on the electric company, going solar is a life-changing decision.

You Decided to Go Solar: Now What?

When you decide to put solar panels on your house, you are not only joining a group of like-minded people who are taking control of their electric costs, but you are also doing something positive for the planet. Moving to a solar electric system in your home will provide you with a clean source of unlimited energy.

Now that you have decided to go solar, you most likely want to know the next steps ahead of you on your journey to solar.

Choosing Your Installer

Choosing a solar installation specialist is the second most important choice you can make after choosing to go solar. Similar to calling an unprepared plumber or uneducated HVAC specialist, choosing the wrong solar installer can be a huge mistake. Even if you find an installer for a lower price than the average, you will understand why they are priced lower later down the line. This is why Harmon Solar is the best choice for your solar installation needs. With high-quality service, no stone will be left unturned.

If solar panel cost is a concern for you, make sure you do your research on how you can reduce the solar panel installation costs first!

Why Choose Harmon?

When you choose Harmon Solar as your solar installation specialist, you are receiving a locally owned and operated service. Harmon Solar is a company that has been your neighbor in the Phoenix community since 1975. With roots in Phoenix for that long, we are not going anywhere.

What Can Harmon Offer Me?

  • Custom plans: Harmon Solar develops a custom plan for your house. Through everything from design to installation through operation, you will never need to worry about mistakes or poor installation.
  • Guaranteed great service: Harmon will ensure that there are no problems with the roof, structure, or installation. If there is ever a problem Harmon is a phone call away.
  • Comfortability: You will feel comfortable when you choose Harmon because we are willing to service what we sell. Additionally, rather than providing an unknown subcontractor to come to your house and perform your service, Harmon Solar employees are on the job at all times.
  • Savings: Once Harmon has come to install your solar panels, expect the savings to begin! As compared to traditional electricity from the electricity company (where your rates will increase over the next 10 to 15 years) the savings will be unmatched. With a solar lease from Harmon Solar, you will only pay a fixed monthly cost for your electricity.

What Happens After You Decide To Go Solar?

Step 1: The Closing Process

Harmon will discuss your options with you and help you understand the best option for you.

Step 2: Financing

Pick the best plan that will suit your needs to finance your solar panels over the next 10 to 15 years.

Step 3: Timeframe

Within a matter of days, your appointment will be booked, and you will be ready for a Harmon Solar technician to come and install your solar panels.

Step 4: Coordinate With the Electric Company

Relax while Harmon contacts your company to obtain the permits, and if you have an HOA Harmon will deal with that as well.

Step 5: Installation

Expert technicians will come to your home to install the solar panels.

Step 6: Monitor your Usage and Savings

Sit back and relax while your utility bills shrink.

So Why Go Solar?

Not only are solar panel systems great for the environment, but they can also offset a majority of your electric use. If your solar system happens to generate more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes back into the power grid. These excess kilowatt-hours are kept track of by the utility company. Then, through a process called net metering, you get to use these kWh’s at a later time when you need them.

If you’re ready to make the move to solar power, call Harmon Solar today.